Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Honouring LIFE, not just LOSS...

There are a lot of eggshells to walk on when you're talking baby loss.

Everyone says 'I'm sorry for your loss." But less than half said "Congratulations" on his life.

I'm not sure why. I think maybe at this time, loss is all people see? Many don't realise the blessing Sebastian's life was, and continues to be. His loss comes second to his life. Always.

Will it make me sad to say 'congratulations'? Maybe, but I'm sad anyway.
Will it hurt me to honour that he lived? Certainly not. It warms my heart to hear you say his name and to honour that he lived.

He was more than just his death. His legacy of LIFE and the love we gave him is what will live on.

One such friend took a step away from the comfort zome recently and blessed my heart more than she will ever know.

I received a message on Facebook saying that she felt so many people were supporting us through our loss, but that she wanted to acknowledge that Seb was alive. I cried. Not many have done that. And its not to say that I don't appreciate how everyone else has reached out to me and blessed us on this road, but this one friend has stepped over those eggshells that many would not.

She told me about a sketch she had done of Seb. She told me that she wanted to honour his life. I didn't know exactly what she meant until I saw the picture.

It's beautiful. The moment I saw it, it took my breath away and I knew what she meant. Let me share it with you...

WOW. Just Wow.

Its a sketch of my favourite photo of Seb. Except for one very noticeable difference. A difference which actually means everything. He's alive. Something that we didn't get to see, apart from in the 3D scans.

I was blown away. I was blessed beyond measure.

And this will take a very proud place in our home framed on a wall somewhere.

Thankyou Neej. SO MUCH. Thankyou for seeing my heart and for blessing it so much. Thankyou for stepping over those eggshells and listening to that still small voice called God telling you this was OK  to do.

I just LOVE it. It is so special.

Thankyou for honouring my son's life, not just his loss.


  1. Wow Nat, I'm in awe and blessed to know you. I think your courage and story is gonna be of help to sooooo many - not only parents like yourselves and the extended, but in helping the rest be more open and bring honour to human life in all its stages. God honours our lives so much that he speaks of it before its even begun, so how much more is He interested in the rest of the journey, as we need to be too.The sketch your friend did is worth life itself, so precious, like God painted it himself.- your beautiful boy Seb!
    Love you- Ruthy xox

  2. What a beautiful picture! That is so special. Isn't it such a blessing when people honour our babies lives, rather than just acknowledging their deaths. Precious Seb is gorgeous Nat!

  3. Wow!! What an amazing sketch of Seb! He is so beautiful Nat.
    Thanks for sharing you heart.

  4. a beautiful picture <3

  5. This is just unbelieveably touching...wow, what an incredible darwing of Seb ALIVE, how precious, and how TRUE xoxo


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