Thursday, October 27, 2011

In our hearts, and in our Home...

We are starting to settle into the new house nicely. There's still much unpacking I've been putting off though, doing a little bit here and there. Need to get stuck into it really...

But tonight I unpacked Seb's photos and ornaments and made his little place on our TV unit again. I have missed this. I didn't realise how much. The house feels right now. He is here. I know he's here in our hearts always, but I need my visual reminders too. And all feels right.

A (dodgy phone pic) of one special Sebby place in our lounge room...
But this is far from it. I want him in every room in our house, almost. I think its only natural. My other kids will be walking in and out of these rooms, we will be living and breathing through these rooms. Their pics will probably adorn walls all over the house. And so why not my boy too.

I'm planning a big family wall collage on one wall - in our dining/kitchen area, of course Seb will feature there too.

There's a perfect little corner shelf in the dining room too - that will be Seb's too - more pics, candles, ornaments, flowers and probably his ashes in an urn too.

Then I think I'd like a little piece of wall somewhere that's just for him. A friend sketched me the most beautiful drawing of my dear little one, and I will have it framed. I love it so much.

The kids will get photos of him in their rooms too.

And I will have the precious memory quilt on a wall (or two) somewhere hopefully near my sewing space.

Oh, and not to forget his spot in our garden. He will have a garden bench with a plaque and a little garden or tree. Where Mummy can sit quietly and think, and love.

He will be everywhere with us.

Its only natural I feel, as a loving and grieving mother that I want my baby everywhere. Just like you'd put photos up of your little pride and joy, so will I. And I hope that you will look at him and talk about him.

I'd love to know where you baby's things and pictures feature around your home. How do you keep his/her memory alive in your family home?


  1. We have a specaial place in the garden for our little Erin there is a big plant with lots of little ornamantes around it the kids love going out and buying something new to place there every now and again. The children all have pictures of her in their bedrooms, and we have a place on our sideboard where erins ashes are. We also have a large pic we had done of Erin and the other children on a wall in our front room, in fact we have her everywhere.

  2. That's really something special Bobbie- I'd love to see a pic of your Erin Tree one day.

  3. Love that special area you have set up already and the plans you have for places throughout the house to set apart for Sebby.
    LOVED the tour you gave me of the house last night on skype-thanks mate it is such a great place!!! So good to see your face again (way to go with fixing the camera Greg! You do win friends with good I.T skills wink wink!!!)
    Love yas stacks x

  4. i havent lost a child myself but my mum lost 2 babies many years ago now- she too is a sewer and made teddy bears also, she made a teddy and placed the little urn's in side the teddys tummy it came with us on special occations, sat under the christmas tree each year, it was nice for us other children to be able to cuddle our brothers in some way, we would offten hear mum talking to the teddys which was nice to hear too, maybe you could do something like this too - she also made little out fits for me the only girl to 'dress' them hehehe. your an amazing women nat, its good to see you wanting to keep sebs spirit alive xxx

  5. My heart feels happy that you are settling into your new home sweetie and that Sebby is with you, I love his special place you've shared and your plans around the house sound just so perfect. <3


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