Sunday, August 28, 2011


This morning on the way to church we had a cute little conversation in the car.

Eli: Mum, I wonder what Sebby's hair is going to look like?
Me: I'm not sure mate, I wonder about that too! (we've talked about it a couple of times actually)
Me: What do you think his hair will look like? Do you think he'll have some hair?
Lani: Maybe it will be curly like Amos and Rhiannon from kindy.
Me: It could be darling. Both Mummy and Daddy have curly hair, well Dad's is wavy. But none of you guys had curly hair when you were born.
Lani: Mine is straight.
Me: Yours is wavy sweetie, but because its so long its going straighter!
Eli: I think Sebby will have one little curl right here (points to middle of his forehead), and then just bald everywhere else.

How cute is that?

I wonder little man, will you have hair? Will you have a full shock of long dark hair like your big brother Eli, or more just a whispy little covering like Jai and Lani had....? I wonder. I hope you have some, so I can keep some.


  1. So precious honey. I love that you are recording these moments with the kiddos now. What a treasure to look back over these it will be in years to come.
    I wonder what colour Seb's hair will be? I think light.
    Love you mate x


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