Sunday, August 28, 2011

Some new snaps...

Last week when I was looking on another angel Mum's blog - Baby Rachel's Legacy, I watched her video of her daughter's life and pregnancy and realised that I didn't have anywhere near that many pics of our pregnancy! And I made a promise to myself to take many many more snaps - especially with the kids too - while we have him! They are going to be so priceless in times to come.

And so I dragged the hubby back out today to take some more. Thankfully, the children mostly obliged (except for a slightly grumpy Mr5 who needed a bit more coaxing), and we got some gorgeous pics. Very happy.

We are nearly 34 weeks now. The time is going fast now. Slow down a bit!

Our Mr 5 who didn't want to get in any pics!
Miss Lani (4) loves her baby brother.

Jaidyn (10.5) giving his Mumma and baby brother some special love...

My fave pic from the shoot... love it. We love our little man SO MUCH!!
The whole family (really, who can get a family snap without someone pulling a silly face!!)

Hope you're having a beautiful weekend xx


  1. These are GORGEOUS Nat! My faves are the one of you and Greg and the one of the whole fam...SO sweet!!! Very precious :)
    You are looking so gorgeous and are glowing honey!
    Love you x

  2. Loving these photos too Nat - so precious to have them, and they will mean so much to you in the future.

  3. Oh so sweet and precious honey! I *heart* these so much!
    Love to you xx


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