Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Moving out...

My baby moved out last week. Out of our room that is.

I never had any of the other kids in our room. There wasn't any room! So its been really special to have our baby - probably our last baby - so nice and close.

But the bassinet seems to me to be fairly small, and has fleece sides, and he often wiggles quite close to the edge, so we felt it would be safer for him to be in his cot.

But its so far away - down the other end of the house!

Nothing serious really, but just one of those little emotional milestones I guess. The end of an era so to speak, because he'll be our last baby (we think!) and therefore no more babies sleeping in our room. Goodbye newborn baby, hello infant.

Although, he already has quite a few day sleeps on our bed because his room gets really hot in the afternoons in summer. So he's not really gone for good. Not really at all.

But who could resist these gorgeous 'Good Morning' smiles!!


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