Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A bit of a shift...

I will admit that I've been a little 'hesitant' to talk too much on here about our rainbow. Maybe that is a little silly, as this is MY blog, about MY life and all that. But with the focus on Sebastian, I don't want to take too much from that.

I also find that thoughts and blog posts specifically about Seb and our grief journey, well they can be few and far between. I honestly am doing pretty well as far as a mama who lost her baby goes, I think. And well, of course that doesn't mean I love him or miss him any less, but that's me, and it is what it is.

So sometimes I find it hard to write. Write something meaningful and that others will want to read that is.

Especially when life is looking amazing and exciting and hopeful with the expectation of our rainbow baby.

And so, after the encouragement of a fellow BLM who said she actually takes a lot from blogs that include other family members etc - and she can see that other mamas are able to move forward with life - I have decided that I want to make this less about 'just Sebastian', and include the rest of my family more - our life in general, our pregnancy etc. Without feeling I'm not saying enough about Seb if I don't feel to write about him. Grief is not my whole life, there are many other aspects, and I guess I just want this to encompass more of those other parts too. And there's no way I can keep up with two blogs.... and why should I keep Seb separate from our family - his memory is intertwined into our everyday!!

And so I hope it doesn't turn anyone away. I hope more so that others might be able to see a light at the end of their tunnel by seeing that I have been able to move forward with faith, love and the rest of my family.

So if you see a few changes around here, its just because I want to include more of the rest of the clan. Seb will of course still be here - he is one of us after all, but you will see more of my other kids too - and not just in the context of their little brother.

Love and blessings to you all.


  1. Looking forward to reading more about your precious clan. Luv Donna

  2. Honey there were so many great things here; of course grief is not the only part of your life and just because you don't do every post about Seb doesn't meant at all that he's forgotten or anything like that. I also liked that your BLM friend said that you sharing your journey about Rainby has given her hope and encouragement. That's wonderful! Looking forward, as always, to reading more of your posts. Love you mate x

  3. i think that is perfectly fine!

  4. I am visiting from Tesha's link up, I find it fitting to do whatever makes you feel better.I think it's fine to share all your family on your blog!
    That is what I have done.

  5. Good for you!! I think it is definitely important to include your family as it is a family blog. I agree with your friend that reading and following other blogs that have stories similar to theirs helps the healing. You're further in this journey than I am and seeing how you have evolved brings me hope and healing. I lost my little girl at 22 weeks and to see where you are now, it shines a light for me and sparks a glimmer of hope for my future. I hope to watch (read) how you and your family blossom as you continue down this road, never alone.


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