Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One Word...

As the sun begins to shine on the first day of a new year, pens befriend paper, and plans for the year ahead form. We make 'New Years Resolutions' - goals to break those nasty habits we don't like about ourselves, things we don't want in our lives when next year rolls around... Many of these we give up on after January!

I've given up on making Resolutions I know I won't keep.

For the last few years, New Years Day has usually had me pick One Little Word to work on for the year.

The concept of One Word is quite easy, but can be quite profound.

You pick a word that encompasses what you would like to achieve for the year, the person you would like to see yourself to be in that year. Sometimes a word might stand for many things, sometimes just one thing.

But yesterday, a Christian friend of mine linked me to this website, My One Word

My One Word is God-based!
With GOD as centre to My Word.
Not so much about who I want to be, but who GOD wants me to be.....
Yes! We're going somewhere this year!

Here's a snippet from My One Word:

Our resolutions seldom work because they focus on the type of person we want to become rather than who God wants us to be. Many people do not see God at work in their lives simply because they don’t know what to look for. So, what if our hopes for the year centered on who God wanted us to become instead? 
It’s okay to want to be a better you—and the New Year is a natural time to start. The question is, how? My One Word replaces broken promises with a vision for real change. When you choose a single word, you have a single focus. You are moving toward the future rather than swearing off the past.
With My One Word, you’re right where God wants you: in His hands. And it’s not an extreme makeover we’re talking about. This year, the goal is to see His work in one area of your life.

 So I've thought a little about My One Word over the last week, and it had chosen me before I even realised it was time to choose it! I'll come back and blog about My Word soon, but I wanted to write this blog to extend this same challenge to you.

Hop on over to My One Word and check it out. Then have some time with God and ask Him to reveal to you what your word should be for 2012. Really SEEK HIM for it. It will be there.

With the My One Word project/website/blog, you will have support for really living your word out for the year. Weekly blog prompts will help you to focus on your word through different questions, activities etc.

I'm looking forward to it. Will you join me? If so, let me know below and if you'd like to share your One Word, please do! I'll be back to blog about mine.


  1. You know I'm in! My one word if "FOUND"......Colossians 3:3. I want God to find me anew and vice versa xx if anyone wants to read my one word post they can check it out at www.hopesjourneyblog.blogspot.com =)

  2. Thanks for sharing yours Hope, and thanks for getting me onto this site!!

  3. I'm STILL not sure what my word will be for this year and honestly I don't know why it's so hard? It usually comes to me but I'm feeling conflicted...

  4. Grace is my word. As my little Rhino gets older, I find the desire to be a gentle parent is getting harder to maintain. With GRACE as my 'one word' it's helping me remember to respond to him with grace and not frustration; to accept his 'toddlerhood' and just love him through it.

  5. Why is it so difficult to choose a word, think i will have to get back to you on this one Nat


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