Saturday, January 7, 2012


The eyes flutter open; sun streams in the sliver of curtain that doesn't quite cover. Blink. And again.

Reach for glasses to see the new day. Beautiful sunshine. Thank you Lord.

Listen. The house is quiet. I excite at the prospect of quiet time on my own. Or with my God. Get up.

The sun meanders across the dining floor, touches the photos of my loved ones smiling from the walls. Of my baby whom I can only know now through these, and my memories. I smile.

Click the kettle, glancing to make sure it does not wake the children, interrupt the peace of morning.

Stir the coffee. Inhale. Ahh.... The sun is warm and lovely as I take a seat under the patio, outside. Taking in the beauty, the quiet.

Thank you Lord for all of this. This mundane, every day morning? No, this new day. Every little piece of your incredible blessing. Your Joy is new each morning!


Its Greek for 'Thanksgiving'. Yet it encompasses more than that too.

From Ann Voskamp's book, One Thousand Gifts:
 “And he took the bread, gave thanks, and broke it, and gave it to them…”(Luke 22:19).....In the original language, “he gave thanks” reads “eucharisteo.”………….The root word of eucharisteo is charis, meaning “grace.” Jesus took the bread and saw it as grace and gave thanks. He took the bread and knew it to be gift and gave thanks….But there is more, and I read it. Eucharisteo, thanksgiving, envelopes the Greek word for grace, charis. But is also holds its derivative, the Greek word chara, meaning “joy.”  -- from One Thousand Gifts

So Eucharisteo - Grace + Joy = Thanksgiving.

Not just being thankful. Heart looking up to God, bended on knee. It is the act of surrending all to God, to start to see His glorious gifts in all aspects of life. To REALLY SEE around. See those little things that ARE THERE.

Yes, life can throw us the most horrible side balls. But practicing eucharisteo can be healing. It can give you a different focus  - it is seeing God through those. And so I can try to look at the blessings God gave me in my darling Sebastian, in the time I had with him, how God changed me in that time.

A shift in perspective. A HEAVENLY perspective, not an Earthly perspective.

His Joy. His Grace.

I want it. I need it. Yes God, MORE of you in each day. I need You more, coursing through my veins. When I wake and when I sleep. When I bake, when I sew, when I clean, when I kiss sore knees.

More of You.

And so this is My One Word for 2012. Eucharisteo. 

My hope is to grow so much deeper in my relationship with God. To open my eyes to the whole earth filled with His Glory. To heal. To be loved. And to love Him too. To grow. To deepen. To really see.

How do I do this, enter in Eucharisteo?

I mentioned Ann Voskamp's book. One Thousand Gifts. I am reading this through right now, and its life-changing stuff. Amazing. One of the revelations I love the very most is this one...

'I shape loaves and think how Jesus took the bread and gave thanks... and then the miracle of the multiplying of the loaves and fishes.
How Jesus tool the bread and gave thanks... and then the miracle of Jesus enduring the cross for the joy set before Him.
How Jesus stood outside Lazarus's tomb, the tears streaming down His face, and He looked up and prayed "Father, I thank that you have heard me..." (John 11:14 NIV). And then the miracle of a dead man rising! Thanksgiving raises the dead! ...
How there is thanks.... and then the mind-blowing miracle! ...
Eucharisteo - thanksgiving - always precedes the miracle. ' - from One Thousand Gifts

This very thought made me think about Sebastian. Did I not give thanks enough to receive God's miracle? What if I had been more thankful? Would he be here, healthy? A living, breathing example of the miracle of God?

Well really, who knows. I tend to think not though. I did give thanks. Maybe not as keenly or as openly as I plan to in 2012. However, I trusted God and thanked Him for the blessing of Sebastian's life. Each day we had with our boy. His birth. His beautiful feet. I was so thankful for all we were given with our sweet boy. And so I do believe that God's plan was fulfilled.

But I head into this new year with new hope. New hope to see more of God, more of life and to really LIVE. To maybe create new miracles.

And so the simple ACT of practicing Eucharisteo is this.

Write it down.

Grab a pen RIGHT NOW, where you are right now. Get yourself a journal, or even a scrap of paper (this is what I'm currently using).

Look around you. Look at your blessings. They are ALL AROUND!

Write them down.

1. A new day
2. Hot water cascading down my back
3. Ripe, red tomatoes, bursting with flavour
4. Eating breakfast in the sunshine
5. Three children playing together; no fighting.
6. Coffee in the morning
7. Fresh cut ham on sandwiches.

And that was it. My first morning. Just a quick 10 minutes thinking about how good my life really is.

Just write. They will come easily. You will see.


A weight lifts. A peace settles.

We are so blessed. We are so LOVED.

Count your gifts with me?

"He who sacrifices thank offerings honors me. and he prepares the was so that I may show him the salvation of God (Psalm 50:23 NIV)

If you'd like to read more of living eucharisteo every day, then please take a look at the blessing that is Ann Voskamp's blog - A Holy Experience. Geez, even the music alone blesses my soul. When I hear that music (got to get me a copy), my soul knows where I am, that I am here to soak in more God. More grace. More joy. And a peace comes over me even listening.

Ann's book is incredible too. I've decided I'm going to give away a copy. Pass along God's Love. Just a little. Bless someone with this wisdom.

To be in the running to win this copy of Ann's book (and yes you can live anywhere in the world, I'll order it and send it directly to you), please leave a comment below. Tell me 10 blessings in your life today, right where you are, right now. Play along with me.

I will draw it in about a week's time.

And my hope is that you might join me in a little eucharisteo too.

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (Thessolonians 5:16-18 NIV)

You can find more about One Thousand Gifts - and lots of cool free printables - even an App for your smartphone (I want a smartphone!)...  here


  1. Love your word!!
    1. Lazy mornings 2. Warm cuddles 3. Cold milk 3. Sunshine 4. Girly giggles 5. Family days together 6. Fresh bread 7. Homemade jam 8. Movie nights 9. Weekend getaways 10. Shopping days

    May you be blessed today xx

  2. I love your One Word. Its perfect.
    1. The life of our Gideon
    2. A kiss from my husband
    3. A precious nudge from this little guy in my womb
    4. Baking desserts for my friends
    5. Lovely weather
    6. The ability to love
    7. Candy!
    8. Singing classic rock music while driving
    9. Sleeping in late
    10. Yummy pizza

  3. Right now my blessings :
    1. The joy of a lazy morning
    2. Technology in this modern age - can lie in bed and be here on Internet
    3. Government assistance to support our children's needs
    4. Cuddles from a sweet child and the joy of "hearing" I love you mum
    5. Trained professionals and therapists (especially for 4)
    6. A hubby who has been out this morning nourishing his soul
    7. A fabulous dependable job that means regular holidays
    8. Creativity and space to express it (physically and emotionally)
    9. The view out my window of kangaroos, trees and green grass
    10. The delight the beginning of a new day brings - what possibilities there are

  4. Just beautiful Nat

    1. My husband letting me sleep in
    2. The sound of my children's laughter
    3. Cool clean bed sheets under my body
    4. Clean fresh water straight from the fridge
    5. A cuddle every morning from a man that loves more than anyone
    6.. Air-conditioning
    7. Old friends who forgive and forget
    8. A ripe juicy nectarine - perfect breakfeast food
    9. The comfy brown couch to lie on while I drink my coffee
    10. The prospect of a brand new day in front of me and what it could bring


  5. 1. My salvation
    2. My husband
    3. My children
    4. My house
    5. Being able to stay home with my children
    6. Being able to teach my children
    7. My parents
    8. My friends
    9. My three angels
    10. The ability to talk to friends who have lost their babies (including one who just delivered and buried her precious stillborn son)
    If I win the book, I will read it and then pass it along to other friends that I have who could use the encouragement too.
    Blessings to you, Natalie:)

  6. 1) My relationship with the Lord
    2) A loving husband to walk through life with
    3) A precious daughter who we will always cherish, and the assurance that we will one day be reunited with her in heaven
    4) A supportive family who also love and miss our daughter
    5) Caring friends
    6) Technology which allows me to keep up long distance friendships
    7) A comfy couch to relax on while I check my FB
    8) Today being beautiful and sunny
    9) Leftovers in the fridge, so I don't have to cook tonight
    10) That our lively kitten is sleeping right now, not chasing me around the house!

  7. Hi Nat,
    I don't have to look far for my blessings.
    1. A husband who has stood by me for 25 years and loved me for the past 32.
    2. Matt, our eldest son....such a loving and caring soul.
    3. Jake, our second son....soon to leave our home to start his own Life's journey.
    4. Kait, our beautiful princess....moving from being our baby girl to a young woman far too quickly than we would like.
    5. Friends who know almost everything about me but love me anyway.
    6. A roof over our heads when so many people are sleeping on the streets.
    7. Food on our table when so many people go hungry
    8. The gift of laughter - especially when shared with those we love.
    9. The gift of tears so we can appreciate the good times.
    10. The gift of technology that allows me to keep in contact with so many friends I may never meet but who I feel a kinship with all the same.

  8. 1. A beautiful home
    2. A very loving husband
    3. A relationship with my God, my creator
    4. Three energetic, healthy, full of life children
    5. An iPad :)
    6. Supportive, inspiring friends
    7. My health
    8. A fridge and pantry with food in them
    9. Running, clean water
    10. The bible, God's word

  9. Your word is so inspired! Love it Natti. <3 I was trying to explain to Michael how important it is to be joyously thankful for our gifts even when life (and work) doesn't always follow the path you hope. Today I am ever so grateful for:
    1. Ice cubes for cold drinks in this heat.
    2. Time with my children.
    3. Time alone with my hubby.
    4. Music in my car.
    5 That my car is now working! (thankyou Michael and Nick)
    6. For plans to see my gorgeous girlfriends tomorrow.
    7. A Mobile phone that is so useful with 3 teens in our home
    8. Fresh clean bed sheets
    9. An early morning swim in our pool
    10. My morning cup of tea made by my hubby each and every day

  10. Nat!! This is incredible!! I have gone through a short journey of an attidue? Change where even though I have HUGE marital (issues? Fights? Struggles? Err stuff?) that He is with me and he's called me (this year) to stand firm and to PRAISE HIM & to take note of the blessings He's giving me daily!! Setting it up from birthday gifts, to scripture book marks, to putting on a special seal dancing in the ocean just for me (no kidding!), even Gayle telling me bout the 1000 gift app of which I am up to 27 in 4 days only cos I haven't taken enough pics so far...

    So freeing, so life fulfilling, so perfect, so Him.

    10 things i am thankful for: him setting me up with people who've walked my path before me with wisdom and experience hope grace and love,

  11. God setting up the perfect journal for me to reflect and jot down my thankfulness things, a blessing of a lady who wants to meet me weekly to lavish love, wisdom, encouragement and time upon me, joy in my spirit, a camera to photograph my thankfulness (thanks gayle), knowledge of how precious I am to him even (especially) when I fall short, freedom, wisdom, knowledge, his word, his grace, his mercy, his love, his peace,... Everything he has to offer is just... Him!!!

    *sigh* feeling the love xxx

  12. 1. family
    2. coffee
    3. health
    4. a soak in the bath
    5. my computer
    6. being happy
    7. jade my eldest daughter im so proud of her as she has just got her dream job and has work so hard for it!
    8. my friends
    9. my hubby for putting up with me
    10. finally filling that gap in my life by becoming a christian.


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