Monday, December 19, 2011

Through Sebastian, could you save another baby's life?

Another babyloss mama, Rebecca gave me a great idea for your Kindness gifts for Sebastian this year.

If you can, this one is a good one. Potentially saving the life of another baby in this world so that another mother doesn't have to feel the heartache I feel from losing her baby?

What I'm talking about is this - buying a Birthing Kit from TEAR Australia so that a mother in Indonesia can safely birth her baby. According to TEAR Australia,
'a birthing kit provides local trained midwives and birth attendants with the tools and resources to help deliver babies safely... and can mean the difference between life and death for both mothers and babies'.

Access to basic medical needs - a hospital, a midwife, pain relief, clean sterile instruments - really is a luxury that we in Australia and many other affluent countries take for granted. But they are not readily available for women in third world countries - but are JUST (or more) needed.

Would you consider donating one of these Birthing Kits in Sebastian's name?

You might actually like to buy this instead of something novelty that you would normally buy a family member or friend - how about giving them this instead - giving them the opportunity to save a mother and baby? I know I'd surely be honoured. And would you tell them about Sebastian too??

Just an idea, but I think is a really good one. Perhaps if you  can't afford $26 right now, you could look at some of the other Useful gifts available from the TEAR Australia website too... 

I'm going to be donating one of these in Hannah's honour for Bec.

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  1. I bought one in memory of Josiah and Sebastian xoxox


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