Friday, December 23, 2011

His precious feet...

My Sebby had the most beautiful little feet. So. Perfect.

The Trisomy 18 left Seb's hands not in the nicest way (but still beautiful to his Mumma), and so it was a most beautiful gift of God that He gave me Sebby's perfect feet. I have a bit of a 'thing' for baby's hands and feet - I love to just play with them - for ages... and so I know that God knew this little desire of my heart and gave me his feet as a most precious gift. They were clubbed (turned in at the ankle) but still oh so perfect, and they fit perfectly from the tip of my index finger to the middle knuckle. I'll forever have that memory of just how little they were.

Seb had toes just like his Daddy...

I have never thought too much about hand and feet castings of babies. They are lovely as a keepsake but quite expensive, and so I never got any for my other babies, and I didn't really think I was going to get them for Seb either. But when I held those feet, I just knew I had to have them in some way forever.

And so my dear friend Melanie organised for Pam McMahon from Impressionable Kids to come to the hospital and take his castings for me. I can't recommend Pam enough! She was so professional and so sensitive to my needs. She even went in there without me having to go up to the hospital. And as I found out later when Bec had her castings done for Sienna, Pam is one of the only ones in Brisbane who will do a bereavement service. I am so thankful for her work, because these are SUCH a precious thing for me now.

So I chose a red background (of course!) for his beautiful feet for my wall. And I just HAD to get Pam to make me a little set to hold too - they are finished in pewter and just beautiful!!

Sebby's perfect feet castings for my wall...

Sebby's most perfect feet - true to size, forever to hold...
Greg has also got a tattoo of his beautiful footprints (will have to take a decent pic and update)... and I'm going to get one too - one day when I gather enough courage!! I'm planning to get it on my right wrist, just his left footprint, and possibly name and maybe date... or maybe on my foot.... ouch! But so worth it.

The castings were the perfect gift just in time for Christmas. I hope to get them up on my wall soon, and I will get a little box to keep the other ones in.

So precious...

Thank you Lord for the gift of Seb's perfect little feet, and for knowing this mother's heart. Thank you that I have so many ways in which to hold his feet close while I wait to hold them again when I meet Seb and You in Heaven one day. In the midst of my sorrows and hard times Lord, You know the small things that will mean so much and you hold me in the palm of Your Hands.


  1. So beautiful Nat. I have tears dripping into my coffee. xxx

  2. Oh Nat! I'm glad you got his little feet to keep. How precious.

  3. So perfect are those little feet. xxx

  4. Oh darling...his precious feet! I teared up reading this and seeing his tiny toes in your hand. Wish he was here for you (and all of us) to snuggle. I'm praising Yah though because he knew exactly what you needed...God is so good hey! Anyway thinking of you so much hun.
    Love you always x

  5. so tiny yet so perfect <3

  6. I love that you have molds of his feet. So precious. I wish I had done them.

  7. Absolutely beautiful Nat, how special that you get a pair to hold whenever you want. Beautiful and gentle reminder of the massive footprint these tiny feet has already left in our world and in our hearts (and growing every single day).

    Love you,
    San xxx

  8. How precious!!!! I know you definitely treasure this keepsake!


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