Friday, October 14, 2011

Memory Quilt

Beautiful block for Sebby's memory quilt...
A beautiful fellow angel mummy, San (who blogs about her own precious angel here), sent me this gorgeous block today for Seb's memory quilt that one of my BFFs started for me at Seb's baby shower in August. Sarah is trying to finish off the rest of the blocks (made by sewers and non-sewers alike!) as well as doing her own... and then we can piece it together and sew - maybe before she has her own little bundle of joy in a few weeks time...

This is going to look so gorgeous!!

Al the blocks have been done on white and all with co-ordinating ribbons, buttons, iron-ons and fabric bits in Sebby's colours of red and blue. All with our friends and family's names on them (some embroidered, some in permanent pen) and some with scripture, messages of love etc... Sarah and I are going to contrast the squares with basic patterns and plains in red and blues (white polkadots, stars and stripes) and its going to be made into a very special wall hanging that I can display in my living room probably... so I can always look at this quilt of love and support as I think of my sweet Sebby - it will be a great conversation starter too I think!

I can't wait to piece it all together!!

Some of the ladies from Seb's Baby Shower stitching away...


  1. Matt & Stacy AubeOctober 15, 2011 at 3:14 AM

    I LOVE it!! It's awesome... so perfect. And I love how the crab is made out of a heart... remember how I said in an email right before his service that I thought hearts seemed to be intertwined with Seb's things? Like: "what it means to be loved!" ♥ You are so blessed to have all these ladies helping you with this, what a gift. Can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Really cool. That is a great gift. I would love to hear more about how to make one of these for a friend.

  3. Hi Tienegranbella, I'd love to share with you. I found a few ideas through googling 'memory quilt' so you could too... but basically we have just asked friends and family to each embellish, embroider (whatever their sewing skills pertain to - we've even just had some friends tie on buttons or pin on ribbons and sign their names in permanent markers and we'll sew the bits on later) a white fabric square in the colours, symbols etc you might like to choose to sorta tie it all in together.

    As we began this project at my baby shower, we collected some ribbons, buttons, iron-ons, threads, needles etc in the colours I wanted it to be in - and then people just chose from them. We also had a small amount of the fabrics we are going to use for people to use as appliques.

    Have each person sign their square by either a permanent laundry/fabric marker, or by using embroidery thread, or by writing with an air-erasable marker so you can do the embroidery for them (if you're a sewer!)... they can also include a small message or a scriptural reference.

    Make sure everyone leaves about a thumb's width around the edges so that none of the design is lost when the blocks are all sewn together.

    We asked everyone to do their square on white because we are going to use red and blue polkadot, star and striped fabrics as the contrasting squares to make up a patchwork quilt in the end.

    We'll then add some loops to the top for hanging it up - as I want to use it as a wall-hanging.

    Ooh, I just had a thought - I'm going to make a tutorial for one (after I move!)... what fun!!! (will encourage me to get making it too - well with my friend Sarah of course!)

    I might try and start on my own patch today - gotta have one from Mummy right (Lani has made one!)? And I'll share it - that's IF I can find enough fabrics/ ribbons etc that I haven't packed away yet!! Exciting!


  4. such a great idea nat!

  5. Can't wait to see how it all comes together! Thanks so much for letting me contribute to Seb's quilt Nat <3

  6. I love the quilt idea Nat, what a beautiful way to remember your precious boy!! Luv Donna


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