Monday, September 19, 2011

Pictures for Seb...

The night before Sebby's funeral service, the kids and I sat down at the dining table and they did him a card each, with drawings and letters. We would the next day put them on his casket and send them away with him. It was such a beautiful moment and I made sure I wrote down what they were drawing and writing about so we wouldn't forget.

Jaidyn, who has always been a very good drawer with a wonderful imagination, decided that he would draw a picture of Heaven, with Sebby resting in the loving arms of Jesus in a beautiful garden.

Nan (Greg's mum) had been reading Jaidyn some excerpts from the book 'Heaven is so real' about a 4 yr old boy Colton who visited heaven in a near-death experience and was able to relay it to his parents with brilliant clarity, telling them things that proved he had surely been there - and Jaidyn was keenly interested in what Heaven appeared as to the boy. He listened intently and drew pictures of what was described. He then found the photo of Seb and drew him in his likeness in Jesus' warm enveloping arms.

Lani was very keen to do some writing for Sebby. She wrote 'SEI' across the page a few times - I think she was trying to spell out Seb. I showed her how to do a 'B' and then she wrote SEB across the page a few times, then coloured it all in.

Inside the card, Lani got very excited about drawing 'Sebby in his little box' (bless her socks, she meant his coffin which we had been talking about earlier). She drew a brown rectangle and explained to me that it was his pillow. She then drew a head on the pillow and a blanket around him, because I told her he would be wearing her blue/green blanket in the casket.

"He has a big blue and green blanket and his eyes are closed because he's asleep and dreaming" she told me.

She then drew pink and blue balloons everywhere (we had also been talking about releasing balloons at the funeral the next day).

She told me excitedly "He's asleep and he doesn't know there are balloons!"

She then came close and said to me, "I want to whisper something Mummy."
(whispers in my ear) "Sebby's warm in his bed."

I almost cried, it was so beautiful.

Eli wanted to do a drawing of our family at the beach.
He first coloured the blue sea and some yellow for sand, then drew 5 stick figures in the middle. He then added a little one and announced "that's Sebby!"

Eli then talked about crabs. Being our little symbol for Sebastian (the crab from The Little Mermaid), it has helped to identify and remember our little man a bit more.

Eli then drew three beautiful crabs along the sand. He's been praciticing his crab drawings for the last few months.

He told me "I'm going to write 'I LOVE YOU SEBBY. Our family went to the beach.' "
He was very capable of writing 'Sebby' on his own, but I helped him to write Sebastian too. He also added his birthday, 4 September.

Such very cherished moments together thinking and talking about our sweet boy. The kids were very proud to take him their cards the next day at the funeral.


  1. What a special time with the kids Nat. I am sure they will remember the love and care that you gave them during this time and for the way you helped them through this all. Such a grown up thing for them to have to deal with. Their pictures and words are beautiful.

  2. I've just bawled my eyes out reading that. I know I've said it before, but thank you for sharing your journey with us. Even your pain is expressed beautifully through your Faith.

  3. What a super special thing for Sebby's brothers and sisters to do-what love then show for Sebby. x

  4. Such a lovely memory to have! You have such beautiful children, I love the care and consideration that has gone into each card for Seb. Thank you for sharing it with us Nat.

  5. Beautiful memories to hold and to cherish Nat. Just so beautiful to see the kids embracing Seb too and their memories of him. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. We are still praying for you guys.

  6. What a beautiful thing to do with the kids Nat. Such a special time and a special way for them to express their love for their brother Sebby.
    Give them hugs from me.
    Love you x

  7. It touched my heart in such a special way at the service when I saw the kids had made some treasured cards and drawings for their precious little brother Sebby. Natti you have guided them so beautifully with faith and love throughout this journey, bless you. xx

  8. Truly lovely. Thank you for sharing.


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