Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Crazy...

The silly season is certainly upon us. I'm sure that was aptly named because we run around all crazy-like trying to make everything 'picture perfect'. Exhausting really. And is it really worth it? Here I am, trying to make Christmas 'fun' for our kids still - because we don't celebrate Santa Claus - but I'm left running around like a frazzled idiot and I'm sure completely missing the point of keeping 'Christ' in Christmas.

One of my friends is making herself have a 'simple Christmas' this year, and I think she's on the right track.

But still, I get caught up in Pinterest, I want to make things, to give things. And I LOVE doing them, but I guess there comes a time when I have to realise I'm a mother of 4 (Earth-side), and I really just can't keep up with all that now!?

Doesn't make it any easier that I lost a week before Christmas because we're going away tomorrow. But then, did I? I'm hoping that I've actually gained myself a week of a little more relaxing. I won't be running around making last minute gifts because my sewing machine will be at home without me. A few more gifts to buy still, but I'm hoping a little time for relaxing over Christmas now too!!

We made it till about Day 14 with the Activity Advent I do each year. (and really, we don't get it all done most years, thinking this might just be the last year because I can't keep up anymore!!). I'm over it.

The Christmas crafting and baking has been mostly only ideas so far. I collected pins and even most of the ingredients. All good intentions to execute to actually doing, but between booby feeds, cuddles, getting other children food and whatever else they seem to need, so far we never actually got around to doing them!! And you know what, that's OK. Stuff it. My kids will survive. Christmas does not have to be about how many Christmas tree crafts we make, or cookies or rocky road or whatever. I'm OK with that. I think my kids are too.

Ok, so in all that 'failure' at having a fun, activity-filled Christmas, we've still have some good times so far. We're still 'making memories'. I know my kids will look back on Christmas times to come, and hopefully they'll remember that we did bake, and we did craft, and we gave gifts to charity, and we saw Christmas lights together. All those moments are still there, regardless of how perfectly they turned out.

And yet, in all those memories, will my children remember that the whole reason we celebrate is because of a little babe wrapped in swaddling cloth, who most certainly did not have a perfectly decorated tree, candles, mantle, front door. but in fact came into the world in the most humblest of ways - in the night, with only his mother and father there, his bed an animal feed box.

Let us remember that babe as we continue in our Christmas 'cheer'. This magical time of year, yet every year I wonder why we stress and do all the silly 'extras'. We don't need all those things to celebrate the King, to spend time together, to remember the less fortunate, to remember Christ.

So take a moment with me and remember the baby, the stable and the gift that Jesus Christ was to the world. And remember how much our lives are blessed and full - even without the tree and the presents.

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  1. Well put Nat.... I think we are all guilty of the crazy run around before Christmas trying to make it all wonderful for our families. Sometimes we do get so caught up in it all, that we loose focus, and that is that God gave us the greatest gift of all in the birth of his Son Jesus. I hope you guys get to have a wonderful relaxing week away. For the first time ever, we have just had a wonderful week away at the coast in our van... like you no sewing machine, no craft stuff, just a wonderful time of communicating and relaxing together. It is nice to come home feeling refreshed and relaxed. Hope you all come home feeling like that too.


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