Friday, July 6, 2012

Failsafe so far.... some duds and some successes!

OK, I'm kinda enjoying the new change in our diet. I tend to love change and get excited by new challenges. Most of the time. I need to make sure I'm prepared for meal times at the moment though, as I'm trying a new recipe most nights (but have some preservative/additive free sausages in the freezer for lazy days that can be defrosted and cooked easily enough).

We've had a few duds and a few successes this week. So far, this is what we've eaten. (And as a disclaimer, we're still getting started, so sometimes some non-FS things are still slipping in, and we're having a few of the 'moderate' salicylate foods too, but only every couple of days.)

Potato & Leek soup - OKed by most, not by daughter. Poo.
(that bread was for hubby and me)

Crunchy Chicken - loved by all - huge hit (yay)!
As you can see, Lani loved helping to make it too! We made enough for 3 meals, yay!

Preservative-free chicken sausages & home-made chips - also good! (with a teeny bit of BBQ sauce coz I haven't made any FS condiments yet)

Hamburgers with FS rissoles - good!

Macaroni cheese - macaroni with a home-made cheese/garlic sauce - daughter turned up her nose, again! (my kids are used to the store-bought packet ones, so its rather different!)

Chicken & Leek Risotto - success! (especially made into volcanoes/mountains) I shall enjoy some leftovers for lunch today! (although I made it with stock cubes which are a no-no. Plan to make some home-made chicken stock next week)

Still on the menu to make this week:

* Irish Stew tonight - yum! I loooove stews, so hoping this satisfies my need!

* Corned Beef with mash & beans (will have to make some sort of condiment for the meat though - sauces is where I'll come undone!)

* Wraps with crunchy chicken - mountain bread, chicken and will add a little lettuce, cheese, sour cream (seems OK? We are not doing amines) and a little grated carrot (mod sals).

So far, I know I'm feeling a lot healthier that's for sure! I think the concentration in the kids is better too than a couple of weeks ago before we got rid of additives/preservatives (have been watching them for a few weeks now)... Eli's toileting issues are good at the moment too, not sure if he's just on a good run - he can have good weeks and bad weeks - or if its the diet changes.

If you're doing Failsafe and have some AWESOME recipes that you think my family will love, please feel free to email me at Will be great to get to know some other FS families too!


  1. Wow it is so awesome that you are doing this diet. I have gotten so lazy about our food choices I really need to get back to healthy cooking. You are an inspiration. Love getting to know you more through your recent posts :)

  2. So glad you've had some successes!!! It's hard going at the start but it will become your new normal soon enough. Love ya mate x


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