Monday, June 11, 2012

Fire Safety

This all happened a couple of days ago now, but I thought it was something important to blog about, so here I am.

I think it was Wednesday last week, that Eli had a visit to his Grade 1 classroom from the Fire Brigade. They brought the engine, and all that jazz, but mostly it was a safety talk to the kids about what to do in the case of a fire. 

That got me thinking. A lot. As they're still pretty young, we hadn't actually talked much as a family about fire safety. We didn't have an evacuation plan, my daughter (nearly 5) didn't know about 'Get Down Low, and Go Go Go'. Not good, at all.

And so, as you do in the morning rush at 7.30am while you're trying to make lunches and get kids ready for school, we had a chat about fire safety in our home (and yes, we were consequently late to school, but that's not important in the scheme of the importance of my kids knowing what to do if we have a fire).

As we've moved house in the last 8 months, we discussed what we would do in this house. Our bedroom is  at one end of the house, and the kids bedrooms are at the other. Between is both the kitchen and the laundry, the most likely places a house fire is going to start. So, in the case of a fire, it is highly likely that we would be cut off from the kids in the house. And so I realised just how important this talk is!

Thankfully our eldest is 11 years old, and generally would be able to 'take responsibility' up their end of the house, but we all know our brains don't always work when we panic. 

Thankfully, we also live in a one-level home, meaning that in the case of being separated inside from the kids, Greg and I could get out and get to them through their bedroom windows.

But I guess the conversation was left a little unresolved. And I guess a lot of it depends on the situation at hand. But I'd definitely like to talk to my husband more, and revisit it regularly with the kids.

We originally said that the kids should try to find each other up that end of the house. If they could get to the back sliding door - next to the kitchen - Jaidyn should get them out that way. Or they should go to Jaidyn's room (back of the house, furthest away from kitchen/laundry) and he should smash the window out.

But then we wondered if getting them to move around might be more dangerous? Maybe we should just get them to stay in their rooms, and Greg and I would come and get them by smashing in their windows?

I'm still undecided even now. I need your help. Anyone here an expert and would know what's best to do?
And then, most importantly... have you had this talk with your kids? Do you have an evacuation plan in case of a fire in your home?


  1. It's best to train them to get out themselves and then have a meeting point. Talk about how to smash a window too - what will break it and how to knock out the glass. If, God forbid, you were not able to get out of the house, they would survive it. They should also know to get themselves out, and then smash windows for others too, and how to check doors for heat.

  2. Thanks Lynn, we'll have to have some more chats about it. I am not sure if Lani and Eli would be able to smash windows themselves, hence why we'd said Jaidyn could in his room....

  3. Not really a funny situation Nat.. But we had an emergency about a week ago where the kids had allowed smoke out the fire place that ended up setting the smoke alarm off.
    We've talked about it before, so Isaiah came running through, I jumped out of bed thinking there was a fire, telling kids to get ALL the kids out of the house NOW!!
    There was no emergency, just smoke but it showed what would happen and what needs work.
    The baby was left in her cot screaming about the noise. The kids were huddled into the corner of the front gate so that was perfect.
    I think what's important is that EACH person gets out but it's important to know WHO is out and WHERE they are.
    I suggest random practices ;)
    As a side note: I'm trying to get my kids to do ALL the work (getting kids and baby out without my help) so that at the time I could be doing something if I need to be (if that makes sense).
    Let's pray it never happens!!!

    And I love the new blog look xxxx

  4. I'm so glad you posted this. We have also talked to the kids a lot about this and hubby has always told them to stay and Daddy will come and get you. But then I think they should get out as they could easily through the windows. I think a meeting place outside is a good idea. mmmm must find out what is the best thing to do as well!


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