Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baby quilt... in progress...

I have started work on my little Rainby's nursery decor, and it makes me so happy to be able to sew some things for him, and that we're actually expecting (well hoping to God) that he'll be able to use them. I know even that's a long shot when you've been through the loss of your baby like we have, and we certainly don't take it for granted anymore that our baby will come home with us. But I continue to put my hope and trust in God that we will this time.

I decided I want to attempt to make him a quilt for his cot. I looked at some cool designs, as well as some recommendations from friends, and decided on a fairly simple but not-so-simple-looking disappearing 9-patch style. You can see how this design works here and here and here on youtube too. I might do a little tutorial when I do my next one (Lani will be getting one too!)...

I bought a stack of co-ordinating fabrics (so much fun choosing fabrics!) from (and boy do they have FAST international postage!) and couldn't wait to get stuck into it when it all arrived. So got to cutting out charm squares (5 inches x 5 inches) quickly.

The other morning I started sewing my 9-patches together, and before long I had the 6 blocks done, complete with cutting them up again. The arranging and piecing took a bit longer though! Being a perfectionist and attempting a quilt with a 'random' look might not have been the smartest combination. My hubby took quite a funny video of me on his phone the other day of my process, and my frustration!

But I put them all away and pulled them out again fresh yesterday morning and I worked it all out! It's still 'random' but looks equal enough to my perfectionist eye. Here's the blocks so far...

I'm a little bit in love and can't wait to get the white sashing done and see how it all looks!! LOVING these colours. What do you think??

Now I haven't really done any quilting yet, so I'm not sure how 'perfect' it will come together, but fingers crossed!!!

I also started cutting out some pieces for a Sprocket Pillow today. These look fabulous, and I have lots of fabric left-over so will be making a few I'm sure. Check out the pin below.

I have quite a few charm squares left over so need to find some other things to make too. Thinking some of these ideas might work...

Maybe a little guy like this one?

Or this cutie?

Source: via Natalie on Pinterest

Totally LOVING sewing for my little man. Love him so so much.

And the count down is on! We're 31 weeks today!! Only 9 to go (or less!?) And LOTS to do!!


  1. No More Nasties Trolley Seat CJune 27, 2012 at 10:09 PM

    Gorgeous quilt Nat-can't wait to see the finished product...quilt and baby boy xx

  2. Love those fabrics you selected for the baby quilt. The colours and patterns look fantastic. I hope your getting everything ready, not long to go now. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers xxoo


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