Monday, August 22, 2011


Hello all and welcome.

For a couple of months now I've been meaning to start writing about our journey. I've been sharing on facebook, but needed a place where I can easily look back on what's been - where I can see the bad days, the good days, and those in between. I hope this blog will serve that purpose, as well as sharing with you all as we take this road.

Thankyou for sharing this journey with us, for supporting us, for praying for us and for Sebastian, and for showing him the same love that we are trying to while we have him here on earth.

I will add some more details about our road as I get time. So far, we've been on this journey for a little over 3 months. 12 weeks. Not sure how many days, or how many tears, or how many prayers. A lot though. And a lot more to come.

Thankyou for riding it with us, and may God bless you. xx


  1. God bless you sweetie. <3 THANK YOU for letting us be there for you and with you, Greg and the munchkins. Every day I say a prayer for little Seb and his very brave mumma. Love you. xx

  2. God Bless you guys Nat as you travel this road - what a wonderful way to record this journey you, Greg and the family are going through. What a wonderful way to honor your beautiful son Seb. You guys are all constantly in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. you are an amazing person and a great mum

  4. God bless your family Nat as you all travel this road.
    You're in my thoughts & prayers often.

    Love Jas xx

  5. A friend of mine has shared your blog with me, and I have been having a look around this evening. We too lost our precious son, only a few short hours after his arrival, knowing that he had a condition which would more than likely take his life. And carrying to term, and months of praying, and having faith that God's ultimate will would be done. I have only looked around briefly here tonight, but i just wanted to thank you for sharing your heart so openly. Your love for Sebastian is so beautiful and so strong and I know that He is safe in the arms of Jesus with my Oliver too xx


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